My Google Site Classroom
Classroom Subject Categories


A classroom can be loosely defined as a place where learning takes place. In the context of My Google Site, it is a place to house materials for this purpose.

Classroom materials are broadly categorized by subject matter as follows:

  • Chrome OS
  • Google Docs
  • Google Sheets
  • Google Drawings
  • Android

Tags include:

  • How-To
  • Tutorial
  • Reference

What’s the difference between a how-to, tutorial, and reference?

  • How-to: Provides detailed and practical advice on how to complete a task
  • Tutorial: Is informative and provides an explanation of a subject
  • Reference: A source of information which can be referred to over time (ie. keyboard shortcuts)
Other categories and tags may be added over time as needed.

Classroom Features

  1. Classroom documents will be retained as long as they are deemed relevant and then discarded.
  2. Front Page content will not be housed here even if it the subject is the use of a Google product.
  3. Readers will be notified of new or featured content on the Front Page sidebar.

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