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Studies show 90% of the individuals using Google search never look beyond the first page of results. The first 10 positions are the most desired as they get 94% of all clicks. Ten positions equals one page of posts on My Google Site. In order to keep page load performance in the 4 to 5ms range, the Front Page is limited to a minimum of ten to a maximum of twenty of the most current blog posts. Older content is moved to Page Two and is eventually stored offline for future reference.

Page Two mimics the Front Page with the following exceptions:

  1. The content is dated
  2. Comments are not carried forward and new comments will not be accepted
  3. AMP is not supported
  4. Some images may be removed to make the content more compact
  5. Yoast SEO optimizations are not brought forward
  6. Page load times may exceed 5ms

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